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Going Going Gone Traveling
Going Going Gone Traveling 2 hours ago
🌟 Sending sign-up links out TODAY!! Tag your favorite lady and join us!!
Going Going Gone Traveling
Going Going Gone Traveling 6 hours ago
“Didn’t think we would need the drink package…. lol. We definitely will be next cruise. We still had an AMAZING time though.”
-Client returns from their cruise 😆
#drinkresponsibly #CRUISEADDICT
Going Going Gone Traveling
Going Going Gone Traveling 17 hours ago
A typical traffic jam in Lapland, Finland! Fortunately, the reindeer don’t mind sharing the road with cars and are always willing to pose for a photo or two. If you go in November, you might just catch a glimpse of them, as well as some splendid seasonal northern lights! #WildLifeFinland #ReindeerWatching #ExploringLaponia

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Tasha N Griffin

Tasha is a world traveling, phenomenon! She has become a top travel agent, personal trainer, and headhunter across the world. She loves the thrill of educating others in all aspects of her career and has become a life coach to many over the decades.

Her expertise in the travel industry has led her to establish her own business, Going Going Gone Traveling LLC, which assists others in booking experiences of a lifetime!

She has assisted clients with international and domestic adventures including flights, hotels, resort stays, cruises, day trips, destination weddings, bachelor / bachelorette trips, and soooo much more…